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How can AI improve oral health for refugee camps?

What is a refugee camp?

Refugee camps are temporary facilities built to provide immediate assistance and protection to people forced to flee their homes due to violence, conflict, or persecution. Refugee camps were initially designed as a short-term solution to keep people safe during specific emergencies. Still, emergencies can be prolonged, resulting in people living in camps for years or even decades.


How the refugee camp works

Refugee camps house people who have crossed international borders in search of essential emergency services, including water, food, shelter, emergency relief items, health care, registration services, and legal assistance. In long-term displacement situations, these camps provide the necessary facilities for training and building materials for building houses and shelters for refugees to achieve independence. These camps should provide:

  • Essential life services.
  • Preparation for meeting financial and economic needs.
  • Necessary training for social communication to its members.


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Health and hygiene in refugee camps

Refugees’ health conditions are worse than in the refugees’ home country. The most common problems in these camps include diarrheal diseases, measles, acute respiratory infections, malaria, malnutrition, and infectious diseases that can even lead to death. Also, some are sexually assaulted, and interaction with sex workers who do not have reproductive hygiene causes sexual problems and infections.

Of course, these conditions cannot be extended to all refugee camps. The arrangements for medical care are different according to the camp’s purpose, and the requirements of each one are different. Some UNHCR camps consider advanced and extensive health and medical care facilities. Even in some of these camps, health care is done much more seriously than in the refugees’ countries of origin, so that the statistics of AIDS and other contagious and infectious diseases are much lower, and treatment follow-ups are done more regularly and accurately.


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Oral problems at the refugee camp

One of the main concerns of people is oral problems. Most people do not follow the proper routine to maintain their oral health, and when their teeth are in trouble, they do not go to the dentist because of the high treatment costs. All dental diseases often begin with tooth decay. Without dental hygiene, caries will expand and become a more severe problems. Tooth decay treatment is easy, but most people cannot pay the cost and avoid referring to a dentist.

Refugee camps are no exception. Financial issues are always one of the problems of these camps, so in most camps. Due to the high cost of consumables and dental wages, oral diseases are often out of the power of refugee camps. As one of the dental care app founders, StrAIberry has always been concerned about dental health in refugees and has come up with a solution.


StrAIberry’s dashboard accessibilities for the refugee camps

The StrAIberry app has specialized in the oral health of its users. Users can:

  • Register their oral care routine in this app
  • Adjust reminders to do them
  • Make free dental checkups
  • Answer questions that are designed to provide their health
  • Upload their radiographs
  • Register all teeth problems with the image and tooth number

Refugees in the camp can register their information in this app. This information includes personal and dental records. Officials have their dashboard through which they can access all members’ information and can check them.


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Innovation of StrAIberry Artificial Intelligence to help refugees

StrAIberry, with the help of artificial intelligence in its app, has detected and monitored its users’ oral problems accurately. StrAIberry has provided thousands of images of all tooth and gum problems to teach artificial intelligence. When users upload their mouth image to the StrAIberry app, the disease is diagnosed if it matches one of the records of dental problems. After diagnosis, the app sends a notification to the user to see a dentist.


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Given that StrAIberry’s social concerns have been free of services, it also provides it to refugee camps. The condition of the dental health of the users is constantly monitored, and if any dental problem is diagnosed, StrAIberry will completely cover the treatment costs. After the diagnosis, the treatment can be paid for in two ways:

  1. StrAIberry sends its dentists to the location of users and treats for free
  2. The users go to the nearest dentist and receive the cost of treatment from StrAIberry.

Keep in mind that these services are available to refugee camps worldwide. Camp officials can contact StrAIberry and register for its service coverage.

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