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What are non-governmental organizations (NGOs)?

In its most general sense, NGOs or non-governmental organizations refer to an organization that is not directly part of the government structure but plays a significant role as an intermediary between people, the ruling powers, and even the society itself.

Many non-governmental organizations are non-profit, independent from the government, and their budget is provided through public donations, and in some cases, with the help of government organizations, the government, or a combination of these methods and in the form of joint projects.

Although voluntary associations of citizens have existed throughout history, NGOs often developed as they are seen today, especially at the international level, in the last two centuries. One of the first such organizations is the International Red Cross, which was founded in 1863.


Reasons for the formation of NGO

According to some experts, NGOs may be formed for several reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Humanitarian goals
  • A sense of need or personal experience in dealing with social problems
  • Orders of elders in charity and philanthropic movements

To continue their activities, non-governmental organizations need characteristics that guarantee their survival and success, which can be pointed out as follows: Spontaneity and natural need, common goals of members, legality, documented program and activity, participation and attracting participation (membership), independence.


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The goals of non-governmental organizations

Non-governmental organizations work to achieve various goals and are usually moving towards advancing the political or social goals of the members. These organizations are large in number, and their plans cover different political and philosophical positions. For example, we can mention the following:

  • Improving the environment and tourism in the country,
  • Medical assistance to particular patients in the field of health
  • Encouraging groups and people to respect human rights and animal rights in society.
  • Raising the level of well-being of the deprived and vulnerable sections of society by proposing a joint and collective program and informing different classes of society.
  • Supporting patients with addiction in the field of social harm in the country.



StrAIberry is an application for the continuous care and follow-up of people’s oral health. Users can perform regular dental examinations through this mobile application. They can compare the current condition of their teeth with the past and learn about its improvement process. All services provided by StrAIberry are free. Users can set reminders for their daily care to make sure they are done.

All the activities of StrAIberry are for the welfare of the users and providing services to them. StrAIberry users do not only include patients; Dentists can also access the files of all their clients by having their user profile in this program to check their records in each visit quickly.

One of the fields of StrAIberry’s activity is cooperation with non-governmental organizations or NGOs.


StrAIberry’s collaboration with NGOs

StrAIberry collaborates with NGOs worldwide, no matter the location or the field of their activity. If any NGOs are willing to benefit from our service, they can quickly call. As the primary concern of any organization is financial issues, as well as time-consuming field operations, hard-to-reach users, and educating people, StrAIberry makes options to wipe away all these issues in the field of oral hygiene. The free application allows users to use the same phone for their checkups. NGOs can get notified in case of emergency and prioritize groups for dental treatment needs. We make no profit from these collaborations, and the cost for NGOs depends on the number of people they want to cover. Just call for pricing.

The services StrAIberry provides for NGOs include the following:


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Clinical Charting

StrAIberry’s clinical charting results in administrative synergies that become integrated with the billing, treatment planning, and appointment scheduling functions. Clinical data, once certified, becomes a permanent and secure part of each patient’s records and profile. And StrAIberry’s clinical procedures are included at no additional cost as well.

The StrAIberry Chart allows dentists to record measurements and compare results for up to 5 different exams to evaluate patient progress. Also, this chart is powered by AI so that the dentist can ask for a second opinion from our AI model.


Treatment Management

The Treatment Manager can recall the patients’ appointments and contact them at the appropriate time based on their due date and insurance coverage. And also can locate and prioritize special unscheduled treatment.

Patients’ availabilities, preferences, follow-up attempts, and past canceled/missed/changed appointments are all tracked and monitored with warning messages to prevent you from booking failed appointments. The Treatment Planner also integrates with StrAIberry Mobile Application to reach patients’ profiles and habits more efficiently. Also, messages can be sent as push notifications to the user cheaper.


Patient records

The StrAIberry patient profile is secure and easy to use. All information about a patient is in one easy-to-navigate record: there’s no need to toggle between modules. Our At-A-Glance user interface keeps important information close at hand – an authorized user has quick access to appointments, contact information, clinical treatment history, insurance information, and financial records.

Other services include:

  • User Digitalized Oral Health Profile
  • Fraud Detection
  • Claim Reviewer
  • Second Opinion
  • Practice Intelligence
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • AI-based Checkup Module