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Dentist dashboard StrAIberry + more patients

StrAIberry is a dental care application that creates a reliable platform for dentists and patients. StrAIberry’s dentist dashboard provides dentists with many features to ease the reception and treatment of patients.

The dashboard that StrAIberry provides to dentists works based on artificial intelligence. This means that artificial intelligence analyzes all patient records and warns them when needed to go to the dentist for treatment; informs the progress of the treatment procedure and the results of uploaded images and check-ups; examines and determines the type of treatment needed for the patient to act faster.


Advantages of StrAIberry dentist dashboard

The dashboard StrAIberry has planned for dentists is based on artificial intelligence, which has its advantages. The use of artificial intelligence in this application has the following benefits:

  • Supporting diagnosis with artificial intelligence
  • Improve patient treatment workflow
  • Improving case acceptance through AI visualization
  • Longitudinal tracking of treatment outcomes


Fraud detection with StrAIberry AI platform for insurance


How can dentists register in StrAIberry to get more patients?

Dentists can register through the following link in StrAIberry.

The information you must enter to register includes the following:

First step: First and last name, contact number, or email address

Second step: Enter the license number, specialty, and services you provide.

Third step: Address and contact information of the clinic or dentist’s office

Fourth step: Add a picture of the clinic or medical center where you work and; Social media account. If you have your site, you can also enter it in this section.

Firth step: Announcing your weekly appointment schedule


Remember that you specify the activity and response time when registering. The following options include all days of the week or every day except holidays. You can also manually set the day and time you can visit the patient.


How to get more patients with StrAIberry dentist dashboard

When you register as a dentist in the StrAIberry app, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Dentists who register are shown in a special section of the application. Patients can refer to this section and make an appointment based on the doctor’s calendar. There is also a part in each user’s profile that can perform required dental checkups, and the app analyzes the uploaded images via its artificial intelligence. Users who receive an appointment from StrAIberry can share their checkup results with the doctor.


  • The relationship between doctor and patient is continuously maintained through the application. The team constantly monitors the patient when the user goes to the dentist’s office and receives treatment. The doctor updates the treatment procedure in the patient’s profile, and the StrAIberry team monitors it. When needed, a notification is sent to the user to check his calendar; if the tooth needs further treatment, the patient is informed to see the doctor through a phone call and notification app. The follow-up of the patient’s condition is done continuously both through the app and the doctor himself. In this way, the connection between the patient and the doctor is always maintained.


Benefits of StrAIberry AI dashboard for dentists


  • Dentists in StrAIberry have their dashboard, which has created special access for them. Dentists can view and review all the patient’s records, see the patient’s check-ups and perform the treatment based on the patient’s previous condition. It can also record the progress of the patient’s treatment in its dashboard and check it in future visits so that the treatment can proceed faster.


  • Since patients may forget to take care of their hygiene before the visit, a reminder to perform oral hygiene is sent to the patient. Visiting the dentist is associated with fear and stress for most people, which is why they may forget the points they should follow before visiting the dentist.


How artificial intelligence brings dentistry into future?


  • Users can enter the section where the information of all doctors is registered in the application. They see all its data by referring to the doctor’s profile and making their appointment. Then, the patient’s appointment date and time will be sent to the doctor through a notification. The doctor can view the patient’s profile, previous treatment records, check-ups, and oral hygiene habits. As a result, the dentist has a preconception of the patient’s records before the patient’s visit, and the treatment process proceeds faster.