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Dentist relationship management on StrAIberry

Good communication between dentist and patient is the foundation of clinical care. The dentist’s relationship management with the patient can have profound positive and negative effects on the quality of his medical services. Findings show that lack of communication between the medical staff and the patients, in addition to higher costs, causes a negative attitude and dissatisfaction with the treatment process and neglect of the doctor’s instructions on the part of the patients.

Ultimately, the main goal of establishing a good relationship between the patient and the doctor is to improve the treatment outcomes in patients as well as the outcomes of medical care. Dentist-patient communication is directly related to improving the quality of the treatment process of patients.


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Importance of dentist-patient management 

A good relationship between the dentist and the patient, in addition to better communication and a more accurate diagnosis, encourages the patient to share his symptoms with his doctor more quickly and follow up more on his treatment process and doctor’s recommendations. On the other hand, when the patient is more involved, he shares his symptoms and problems better with the doctor, giving the doctor a better diagnosis of the patient’s condition. The benefits of good doctor-patient communication include the following:


  • Increasing patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction shows the doctor’s importance to his needs and correct treatment services. The result of this satisfaction is building trust in patients towards the treatment system. The trust in the patient’s cooperation with the doctor causes the patient to recover faster, which indicates the importance of the relationship between the doctor and the patient and its social, economic, and psychological impact.


  • Treatment follow-up by the patient

In addition to satisfaction, good communication between the patient and the doctor creates trust in the patient. Trusting the doctor encourages the patient to follow medical instructions correctly and on time, which accelerates his recovery and treatment.


  • The pleasant experience of visiting the office

The doctor’s ability to communicate effectively with patients increases efficiency and improves the quality of service delivery. Creating proper communication and a pleasant experience for patients from visiting the office and making a desire in them for future visits by building trust in them increases the credibility and personification of your brand.


  • Increase the accuracy of diagnosis

Expressing is a kind of human ability that can be developed as a communication skill, and these skills are an integral part of the clinical activities of doctors. Based on research, 60 to 80 percent of disease diagnoses and treatment decisions are based on the information obtained from the doctor’s interview.


Impact of dentist-patient management on the future of healthcare 

Considering the dentist-patient relationship as a primary element in the quality of medical services and the level of patient satisfaction is not new. Still, understanding and evaluating the factors that affect this relationship is an issue that has recently received more attention. Collaborative medical decisions enable doctors and patients to work towards a common therapeutic goal.

Trust in all areas of the doctor-patient relationship is a vital factor that affects the relationship between the two parties. By understanding the factors that affect the patient-doctor relationship, in the future, doctors and hospitals will be able to better understand the appropriate approaches to improve the quality of medical services.


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The role of online medical services in doctor-patient communication

With the expansion of communication technology use in medical services, a dynamic era has begun in the relationship between doctors and patients. Online medical services increase the quality of relationships between doctors and patients by providing both parties with easy access to medical services and greater convenience. The types of dental care provided can include:

  • Performing dental check-ups.
  • Registering an appointment to see a dentist.
  • Analyzing and reviewing radiographic images.

In dentistry, many services can be provided to users through virtual space so that they can be aware of their problems in time and take the right action for treatment. StrAIberry is one of the applications of oral and dental health services that create a dynamic relationship between the patient and the dentist.

dentist-tooth- care
Tiny dentists taking care about huge tooth, Small teeth doctors examining, cleaning, brushing molar, preventing cavity. Caries prevention, treatment, stomatology, dentistry vector illustration

StrAIberry application for patients

StrAIberry is a mobile application that uses image processing with the help of artificial intelligence to check the images of the mouth and teeth of its users. This application allows users to perform their dental examinations without paying a fee and time and place restrictions. Various facilities have been included in it to optimize this application in the care of oral and dental health, which include the following:

  • Register in the application using email, Google account, and Apple account
  • Dental examination and checkups
  • A dedicated dashboard that charts the growth of dental care
  • A reminder system that reminds the user of all oral care procedures. This reminder includes flossing, brushing, etc
  • Answers to general questions, yes and no, and dental issues for an overall assessment of each person


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StrAIberry dashboard accesses for dentists

The dashboard StrAIberry has planned for dentists is based on artificial intelligence and gives unique access to dentists. The use of artificial intelligence in this application has the following advantages:

  • Support for detection with artificial intelligence
  • Improve patient treatment workflow
  • Improving case acceptance through artificial intelligence visualization
  • Longitudinal tracking of treatment results

Another advantage of the StrAIberry dashboard for dentists is that it is designed specifically for them based on their services. As a result, they have complete control over messages and services, and the user interface is designed according to their services and expertise.


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Dentists management in StrAIberry app

Due to the importance of maintaining a relationship with a dentist, the StrAIberry app maintains this relationship through continuous monitoring. A strong support team reviews the patient’s profile on an ongoing basis. Actions taken by the support team include the following:

  • Dental care routines such as flossing and brushing are constantly reminded
  • The patient is informed through the notification of checkups
  • Checkup results in StrAIberry are checked, and if the situation is acute, the support team calls the user and tells him to see a dentist.
  • StrAIberry even registers the dentist’s appointment for the user, shown on the patient’s dedicated dashboard.
  • On the other hand, the user’s mouth and teeth condition is continuously reported to the dentist to know the visit times and the results of his checkups.

With continuous monitoring by its support team, StrAIberry does its best to maintain the relationship between the patient and the dentist. This communication is beneficial for both the doctor and the patient. The ultimate goal of StrAIberry and all its actions is for society’s health.

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