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StrAIberry dashboard NGOs powered by AI

A non-governmental organization is an organization that is not directly part of the government structure but plays a significant role as an intermediary between the people and the ruling powers. Many dashboard for NGOs are non-profit. The budget of these organizations is provided by public donations, government organizations, the government itself, or a combination of the methods mentioned above. Some semi-independent non-governmental organizations (QUANGOs) also perform governmental functions.


What are the reasons of dashboard for NGOs formation?

NGOs are formed on three voluntary, non-profit, and non-political principles. The budget of non-governmental organizations is provided in the following ways:

  • People’s help and gifts
  • Donations from governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Financial aid from international organizations (subject to relevant regulations)

Each non-governmental institution or foundation pursues a specific activity subject to the needs of its members; Subjects such as development, safety, religion, education, health, environment, employment, culture, art, youth, children, women, elderly, or specialized and scientific subjects.


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One of the actions in promoting people’s health in NGOs is dealing with oral and dental problems. Taking care of oral and dental health among people is much weaker than in other fields of treatment, and its treatment costs are very high. For this reason, most people cannot pay for it, and the progression of these problems can result in tooth loss.


Common dental problems

In general, oral and dental problems have a wide range, but some are more common among people. These include:


  1. Bad Breath

According to dental studies, about 85% of people who have persistent bad breath are due to a problem with their teeth. Gum disease, caries, mouth cancer, dry mouth, and bacteria in the tongue are among the dental problems that can cause bad breath.


  1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the second most common disease after the common cold in many parts of the world. Tooth decay occurs when plaque and tartar (a sticky substance on the teeth) combine with sugars or starches in food. This combination creates acids that attack tooth enamel.


  1. Gum disease (periodontal)

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums around the teeth. It is also one of the leading causes of tooth loss among adults.


  1. Mouth ulcers

There are different types of mouth sores, and they can be annoying. If a mouth ulcer does not last more than two weeks, it is usually not a concern and will disappear on its own. The most common mouth ulcers are canker sores that occur inside the mouth.

Cold sores are another type of these wounds that originate from the herpes simplex virus and appear on the outer part of the lips. They are contagious and sometimes come and go, but they are not entirely curable.

Mouth ulcers can also be seen as oral thrush or candidiasis. Candidiasis is a type of infection in the mouth seen in babies, people with dentures, people with diabetes, and during cancer treatment.


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StrAIberry and dashboard for NGOs

StrAIberry works with NGOs worldwide, regardless of their location or field of activity. Any NGO that wants to benefit from our services can contact us quickly. Since any organization’s primary concern is financial issues and time-consuming field operations, reaching demanding users and training people, StrAIberry creates options to erase all these issues in the field of oral health. This free application allows users to use the same phone for their examinations. NGOs can be notified in emergencies and prioritize groups for dental treatment needs.


StrAIberry’s dashboard for NGOs

StrAIberry has created accessibilities for NGOs to monitor their members’ oral and dental health. Each member of these organizations has a page that includes all the personal information and registrations they have made. Members of the organization can perform various dental check-ups, determine any damage to their teeth, and upload required radiographic images. The medical records of all members are recorded on that page, and the officials of these organizations can quickly view them.

The health problems of the members of these organizations have always been a concern of StrAIberry. For this reason, it has created conditions to continuously monitor the health and treatment of their oral and dental problems and take necessary measures. Considering that financial issues have always been a concern of these organizations, the therapy for members is done gratis. StrAIberry pays this fee in two ways:

  • Introduces a dentist to the members to visit and receive treatment for free.
  • They can request to pay for the treatment if they go to another doctor.


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Artificial intelligence in StrAIberry dashboard

StrAIberry uses artificial intelligence to build its mobile application. All common problems related to gums and teeth are defined using evidence and documentation for StrAIberry AI. That is why when a user uploads a picture of his mouth, if the uploaded image corresponds to a dental problem, it notifies the user to take treatment. StrAIberry pays all the treatment costs of the members and, if necessary, sends a dentist to the place to complete the treatment.